About NoneEvolution

Hello Guys, Thanks for landing on “About Page” at noneevolution.xyz

NoneEvolution was launched on 17 March 2016 by Avijit Middya with a dream to provide every types of wallpapaer for mobile and Desktop. The main aim of starting this blog is to build an active group of people so that they can get easily their lovely wallpaper for mobile and desktop in a better way and use it a fun and interesting way.

How NoneEvolution Help Users?
NoneEvolution constantly tries to bring quality Pictures, wallpapers for people to help them make their mobile or Desktop more better way and enhance their lovely pictures. Here NoneEvolution comes to help people by quality pictures and easy to use it.

This blog mainly focus on following categories:

Mobile and Desktop Wallpapaer
Bollywood and Hollywood Actor and Actress
4k and 8k
Cars wallpapaer
Nature wallpapaer
Games wallpapaer

Meet Blog Founder – Avijit Middya
Hi Guys, this is me – Avijit Middya. I’m a 26 Years Young  passionate blogger from Kolkata, India. I’m always eager to learn new things in blogging, internet, social media, life hacks to fulfill my hunger of knowledge. I love to spend pretty good hours on internet.

I’m an Mechanical Engineer and a Part-time blogger.

I want NoneEvolution to be a platform to get good pictures related to actress, nature, actor, cars, games. I want to make a blog that helps every person at every stage to deal with their mobile and desktop wallpaper problems they face in their day to day life in creating a good wallpaper.
Thanks to all of readers and friends to love my blog.